Success Stories

Client Testimonials

From Session #8 with Andy:

What I received from coaching with So Happi Health is…  Truth. That’s the word I keep coming back to. Truth of who I am now, and who I will become. Truth of challenges I will face. Truth of why I had not made changes. Truth of what it takes to get the results I’m committed to achieving. I have received Truth. Viewing the reality of it all, I can and will achieve my goals. I can and will do what I now see can be done. I put in the work now, for success – endless, limitless success.

I did not expect to trust myself and feel so empowered in such a short amount of time. No diet or exercise has ever worked like this.

 And with this new-found truth, I have other new realizations and feelings. Confidence. Empowerment. Desire.  Everything is starting to come together and its wonderful. I realize that I’m not paying for a quick fix or for a coach to “do it for me” – I’m paying to really learn to coach myself effectively.

From Session #6 with Brian:

I haven’t lived the healthy lifestyle that I wanted because I had gone through pharmacy school and residency; I did not make myself or my health a priority. I mainly wanted to start this program to help with me being more aware of what I do and what I eat in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Coaching with Danielle has done so much more than that during the time I have had with her, so far. Not only has she helped me become more aware of how to how to achieve the goals of what I thought I wanted – she also got me thinking about my inner self, my connections with other people, my emotions when I eat, and so much more. 

In one of the sessions, I learned to love myself as a whole: the person who I was in the past, the person who I am now, and the person who I will be.

One of the things that So Happi Health says is that you cannot be truly healthy if you are not happy with inside.  One of the biggest struggles I have had is loving who I was in the past because I was very unhealthy and very overweight. I have known Danielle since undergrad – she is one of the first people who motivated me to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Five years later, it was not until after my pharmacy residency that I got back in touch with Danielle to (once again) be my health coach and give me the tools to live a healthier life; and she has been an awesome coach during my first 6 sessions. I definitely look forward to the next sessions I have with her.