So Happi Health Philosophy

Are you or have you ever been someone who diets frequently? How has this worked for you? Do you still continue?


I used to be someone who diets frequently. It did not work for a long period of time. It works while in a controlled environment, it works if someone builds exercise and diet into your lifestyle (say…if you were dating your personal trainer for 3 years ūüėČ ), it works if you’re paying someone to help keep you accountable. It does often work for short terms. The confidence the short term success breeds lasts for different periods of time. It is really the confidence in myself that keeps me going. I do not diet anymore since I started this program. Slowly, I have learned to let up on all the rules and regulations I have kept on myself for so many years. It’s the weirdest thing, especially during the Holidays to be eating anything I care for. For the first time, there is not a large ache in my stomach. Even with a full belly… There was always this ache in middle upper abdominal area. It’s much smaller now.

How does this mindset affect you? This non-diet mindset makes me feel free and able to be the princess of my own palace. I can, for the first time in sooo long, choose whatever. I can say YES to anything. I can say YES to life. I don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules or regulations for MY life. I can take it ALL in. I trust the process. And through this process, I trust that I am learning permanent love for self that is much more valuable than any weight loss whatsoever. But! Chances are, with this new relaxed foodlife, weight may be shedding anyhow.

How has chronic dieting impacted your body, your health? Or, if you have not chronically dieted, how have you noticed it impacting others? Chronic dieting impacts the way you think about yourself and the way others think about you. Suddenly, when you are known for being “that healthy one”, people treat you differently. They seem to judge their food choices for themselves when they are around you, they question you if you choose a “less than wholisic food choice”. With chronic dieting, I have been struggling with a fear of being hungry since high school (for the past 8 years). Chronic dieting has mostly hurt my mental/emotional health. Although, when I was vegan for 7 months, I did not have a period even though I consumed a large (LARGE) amount of nuts and avocados. I did not lose too much weight for my frame. (Once I ate meat again, I menstruated again.)

Why would someone ‚Äúchronically diet‚ÄĚ even though it never gives them permanent weight loss? Someone chronically diets because they don’t know of any other way. Propaganda, media, commercials, and watching people with fit bodies instinctively eat well drive this habit.

What do you see as the relationship between dieting and ‚ÄúThe Feminine‚ÄĚ-
Other than weight loss, what are the promises ‚Äď hidden or otherwise, that diets seem to be offering?
What is the cost, the downside of ‚Äúdieting consciousness?‚ÄĚ
What would the landscape of American Culture look like if we didn’t need to diet anymore, if we evolved out of the need for dieting…? In other words, who would we be, what energy or power would be released…


In my case, I think letting my “body-standards” go by the way-side, came first, then magically, feelings feelings came next! I am easily excited, easily happy. But regularly, I struggle with allowing feelings of sadness, disappointment, lonliness to surface. As I go about my journey and continue to accept my “vehicle” for whatever shape it’s in-I will find more and more compassion and love for myself. It seems, that with this increased amount of compassion and self love comes an increased ability to sit in the darkness with myself. To find periods of total honesty. No sugar coating. It feels so free…and so real. Authenticity takes on a whole new meaning. And so does my life.